Theadora Block

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Theadora is working on her PhD at University of California Santa Cruz in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She focuses on Behavioral ecology, specifically studying the individual soap-opera-like lives of golden-crowned sparrows. She has spent more time watching them than most people would find healthy.  She also enjoys bird watching, photography, sleeping and other things in any spare time. Find out more about her research here or look at more photos on her Flickr page.

Theodora with Aurora, the peregrine falcon


Aaron Comeault

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Aaron is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Dr. Daniel Matute at UNC, Chapel Hill. He studies the California stick insect in the genus Timema, and more recently the common fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster to study how new species form. Even though Aaron is a real-life Canadian, he almost never says the word "Eh". He's also a huge fan of viszlas, climbing on rocks, and watching Xena: Warrior Princess reruns on Netflix. Follow Aaron @AAComeault and read about his research here.

Aaron takes in the view after climbing "the Buckle" (Buachaille Etive Mor) in Scotland. FYI, when people are coming down as you're going up, you should probably start the climb earlier!


Tyler Corey

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Tyler is a PhD student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He studies sexual communication in Amblypygids, a group of (sub)tropical arachnids that are super cool and are definitely NOT spiders! Tyler loves playing bass guitar, listening to the latest WTF podcast, & dreaming of dog ownership. His spirit animal is a meerkat. Follow Tyler @BassBugsJokes or read about his research in the Hebets Lab

Tyler geekin' out about catching wolf spiders near Gainesville, FL for some of his labmates' research


Maria Goller

contributions: Story "I Will Never Forget What a Botfly Is!"   Photos

Maria Goller is a PhD Student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She works in Dr. Dai Shizuka's lab, studying how song dialects form in populations of European starlings (introduced to the US by a bunch of not-so-forward thinking literary fans in the 1800s). Maria loves bird watching, mud oozing between her toes, and her two pet guinea pigs, among many other things.


Joey Hubbard

contributions: Story "Culvert-1, Joey-0"

Joey is a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. While Joey calls herself an evolutionary biologist, her current research is in biology education research, with the goal of designing assessment methods that accurately and efficiently measure student comprehension. Joey’s not Canadian, but often turns statements into questions with “eh?”.  And in her spare time, Joey explores nature with her pit bull, Pacey...if you get that reference, you must have been teenager in the late 90s. Follow Joey @JoeyKHubbard or read about her research here.

At the Český Krumlov castle, in the Czech Republic, where Joey performed a field experiment in 2013.


Fernando Mateos-González

Fernando wrangles a rat snake

contributions: Story "Tiger Mosquitos and Strange Stocking Stuffers", ver. española "Cuando Ruge la Marabunta"

Fernando is a Spanish biologist with a PhD in behavioral ecology. He loves rock climbing, looking for animals, and jumping around the world as a mercenary scientist. These days you can find him at the University of Texas at Austin, studying the behavior of tiny African cichlids. In his spare time, he writes for young aspiring biologists, and shares job offers and other opportunities at Tweet him hello at @bioblogo!


Joe Mihaljevic

contributions: •Story "Natural Selection Works on Ecologists, Too"

Joe is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Chicago where he studies disease ecology. He’s working with US Forest Service collaborators to better understand how we can use a naturally occurring virus to control a forest pest. Although Joe considers himself an avid field ecologist, he spends an equal amount of time in front of a computer screen, attempting to reveal biological insight through mathematics and statistics. In his free time, Joe likes to write, hike with his dog, Luna, and ponder his existence in the universe. You can follow Joe on twitter @JRM_theory or read about his research here.

Here’s Joe conducting disease surveys in wetlands of the Oak-chaparral ecoregion in California. I think Joe is much happier than the pond turtle.


Asia Murphy

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Asia Murphy is currently a PhD student at Pennsylvania State University. Her true office is a(ny) coffee shop. Research interests are tropical rainforests, interspecific interactions, and the population ecology of any species that can be camera-trapped (especially carnivores). Other interests include: xenomorphs, cheese, knives, and Pokemon. Check out her website ( or tweet her hello @am_anatiala. She'll probably cringe awkwardly before saying hello back.

Asia, deep in thought, enjoying a strawberry 


Georgy Semenov

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Georgy, doing his stoic wildlife photographer pose

Georgy is a GG Simpson postdoctoral fellow at the University of Arizona. His scientific interests include genomics of speciation, molecular basis of avian coloration, and dynamics of hybrid zones. In 2013, Georgy was a key member of a sampling expedition across Russia with The Barn Swallow Project. To mixed reviews, Georgy's playlist for most of the trip heavily featured the likes of Finntroll. He doesn't do social media, but here's his Google Scholar profile!


Matt Wilkins

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Matt founded Numbat Media to help the biologist community connect with the general public. He is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, studying how individuals size up potential mates and competitors using visual and acoustic signals in different bird and spider species. Yes, spiders produce "songs"(!) by vibrating the surface they're standing on. Matt likes movie quotes, even when people don't get them. "Pinfeathers and golly-fluff!" Follow Matt @mattwilkinsbio or read more about his research here

Matt enjoys a sunrise at Las Cruces Biological Research Station in southern Costa Rica after pulling an all-nighter shooting video with Tyler Corey.